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Hello, I'm Mari.
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For anyone wondering

Posted by Mustabulus - December 4th, 2020

If I go dead on this platform like I do a lot if you wanna see art of mine I have an Instagram I’m really active on, mostly because I enjoy doing dumb shit with friends on a whim on there.

I know I don’t post all the work I do half the time on here or da and god knows not Twitter, but through thick and thin I always manage to do dumb shit on Instagram no matter how trash the app gets. For the sake of my own sanity, I’ll just start posting things I spent a lot of time into or put heavy amounts of passion into instead of all the stuff I do constantly on Instagram, because that would never work nor would it help me not think my account on here is an eye sore.

anywho, good night my friends (it’s late where I’m at) I gotta go get work done



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well take care.

I’m still gonna be here I just don’t want it to appear like I dislike making art or something ya know? I’m just really bad at managing stuff due to my current life situation. Again I know most people probably don’t care but it just helps to get into the spirit of posting here.

So if I read correct, you plan on using your Instagram as a general art dumb/goofin', and anything you're particularly proud of, you'll post here? Works for me. I'm just glad that you're not making anyone have to use Twitter to find your stuff. I refuse to go back to scrolling through someone's timeline for an hour, just to find something they posted a month ago. That and according to the links you have set up, you did things to my mom on there? How am I supposed to show my face around there again?

Also, I can't help but notice you've been holding out on us! Here you are, showing hints of self-doubt, and what do I see? That you've drawn a whole damn photo-realistic turkey! Along with fruit and gravy! No one ever bothers to draw the gravy!

In all seriousness, however you choose to go about this, don't stress yourself out too much, alright?